On traditional Argentine ranches, the pulperia was the heart of the estancia. Derived from the word “pulpa,” which is Spanish for “octopus,” the pulperia is the nexus for all of the arms of the operation — a place to buy meat, produce, honey and wine, and to barter, borrow a book, trade and gossip.

Our pulperia honors this tradition. This rustic little general store is the heart of the Finca and is an inviting and comfortable space to get a slice of vineyard living. The large shady verandas are the perfect place to relax, have a glass of wine, and soak in the sights and sounds of the Finca. We offer a selection of produce from the Finca and the region for sale, as well as our favorite wines from Valle de Uco. Inquire about wine, food and entertainment offerings, including empanadas, traditional parilla, bread fresh from the mud oven, and intimate live music events.

Our Award-Winning Boutique Wines

Finca Ogawa is licensed and certified as a winery by the governing body of the industry in Argentina, INV. We are licensed to produce only 5000 bottles a year, and therefore have the distinction of being the “smallest winery” in Valle de Uco.

All of our wines are laboriously and meticulously hand-produced by our family of owners, skilled employees and our willing and enthusiastic guests.

We don’t mass market our wines, we are the true example of Boutique. We don’t enter countless wine competitions. You will not find our wine on your next international flight served in some small plastic cup. We typically sell only to the guests of our finca and a few local wine shops. Like a vitamin, we drink only 1 bottle a day!

Our wine maker smuggled a bottle out to a recent wine tasting in Mendoza and our Malbec Joven scored 90 points and will be listed as one of the best in Valle de Uco in the December annual issue of 2015 Descorchados Magazine.

We produce 3 lines of wines, all estate-raised, which are elaborated and bottled right on the finca:


100% Malbec … “A young wine” that rests for up to 12 months in a combination of French & American oak. Fresh with notes of red fruits married with a touch of oak and a dark chocolate finish…yummy with light lunches, but will also hold its own with the heavyweight Argentina parilla fare.


“The first row” 80% Malbec with a 20% Cabernet Savignon/Merlot blend. Aged 12 -14 months in a combination of French & American oak.
This is a delightful wine with a flavor that takes many complex twists and turns — of course lots of red fruits, espresso coffee, a kiss of oak with a hint of a Madagascar black pepper finish.


“Aged longer” 90% Malbec and 10% Bonarda. This is the “Bruce Springsteen” of our lines…the boss! Every year we hand-select and set aside what we feel has the best potential to change the course of mankind! Bring world peace. This is the goal. Set aside to sleep peacefully for over 24 months, this wine is deep, broody, and complex — reflecting the rich flavors of our deep and unpolluted soils, pure Andean waters and the sweat and blood offered as our sacrifice for this special wine creation.


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